7 Tips – Assist a Legally Blind Friend

As our society ages, we seem to encounter more people with severely limited vision. These 7 tips will help you both to understand and to be helpful.

1. Always, always, always introduce yourself. Even if you think the person should recognize your voice, introduce yourself. This simple act is extremely helpful to the person who cannot see you.

2. On the same occasion, always say when you are leaving the area. “I am going to check on the children, but I will be right back.” Or “I am going over to speak with Joe; would you like to come along?”

3. Allow your legally blind friend to take your arm if you are going to another place. You can politely offer your arm, “would you like to hold on to me?” Do not grab or pull your friend along.

4. As you are walking, do watch for curbs or anything that might be in your path.

You can say “Oops, there is a big sign in our way, let’s go around to the right.”

5. When presenting a plate of food, it is helpful if you tell the legally blind person where the food is on the plate, using the face of a clock as a pattern. “Your green beans are at 3:00 and your bread is at 6. Your chicken is at noon.”

6. Around the house, be sure to keep floor clutter picked up. Clutter, even toys, can be dangerous for a person who cannot see them. If you are in the home of a person with a vision impairment, be sure to replace any objects exactly as you found them.

7. Freely chat, visit, laugh and enjoy just as you did before the person lost his vision. You do not need to be careful about using “sighted words” like “did you see that program on television?”

If you have children, this is a perfect opportunity to teach them good etiquette around anyone who has a disability. Please teach your children the 7 items mentioned above. Courtesy and kindness are always appreciated.

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7 Tips For Adjusting to Legal Blindness in the Family

When my husband was declared legally blind in 1988, we immediately began searching out ways to cope and organize our home. His attitude has always been “it could be something worse.” His positive approach to his disability has been an inspiration to us all. He has always had fun and laughed often — and he has continued in that same spirit.

Here are a few quick tips for you:

1. The knobs and drawer pulls on your kitchen cabinets should be significantly darker or lighter than the cabinets themselves. Repaint the hardware until your legally blind family member can easily make that distinction.

2. Discard all socks and start over. Buy one color of socks and buy about 7 pair of that one color. Do not purchase other colors of socks. You want your family member to be as self-sufficient as possible. Same color socks will help — no matching required.

3. Buy printed or striped tops and solid pants or skirts. Coordinate all clothing so that no matter which item is chosen, it will match any other top or bottom. This is very simple with men. We buy navy and khaki pants. My husband has golf shirts of all colors. And all will match the navy and khaki, so he is able to dress himself and always looks coordinated.

4. Purchase “bubbles” to use on the remote control, microwave and telephone. These clear plastic bubbles are very inexpensive and are available from merchants who specialize in items to assist the handicapped. The bubbles are self-sticking. Simply add bubbles to areas your patient deems convenient.

5. You will also want to paint stairways in bright colors, especially the edges of stair steps. A strip of reflective tape might be helpful also. As with any of these ideas, you will need to adjust them to your patient’s particular visual acuity.

6. It is best not to rearrange furniture. However, if moving furniture becomes necessary, be sure your legally blind family member knows exactly what has been moved.

7. When serving food, inform the patient of the location of the food by use of a clock face. For example, “Your chicken is at 2:00 and your beans are at 5:00.” After a few weeks, you will automatically do this quickly and quietly.

I hope these 7 tips will be helpful. You will discover new ways of adjusting as you live with this situation. Never hesitate to ask questions or to seek support.

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Tips For Legally Blind Folks

For legally blind individuals, it is very necessary to cope and organize their houses in a proper way. In order to help those blind people gain normal life or minimize the potential inconvenience, many efforts can be made associated with everything in daily life. This article provides some of the useful tips which can be utilized to make legally blind folks happy with life.

One helpful tip is to paint stairways in bright colors, especially the edges of stair steps. Climbing upstairs can be dangerous for legal blind people because they may fail to see an additional step. By painting the steps, they can perceive them more easily. It is also helpful to use a strip of reflective tape.

Furniture in a house should not be rearranged if there is a member who is legally blind. Few things can be done towards furniture. Since family members all have been accustomed to the positions of different furniture, rearrangement may cause a legally blind member to suffer difficulty in recognizing the moved furniture. In an extreme case, other members are responsible for telling the blind member about exactly what has been moved.

For legally blind individuals, it is necessary to discard all socks they used before getting blindness. They can buy 7 pairs of one color of socks. Remember to get colored socks in a single color. This way eliminates matching when they want to put on their socks.

Even clothes require special consideration. Legally blind folks should coordinate all clothing so that matching them requires little effort. In general, they need to buy printed or stripped tops and solid pants or skirts. Navy and khaki pants are the right choice because they can easily match all colors of shirts.

They can still use “bubbles” on the remove control, microwave and telephone. Made of plastic, these self-sticking bubbles are available from merchants selling items which assist the handicapped. These bubbles can be set in any areas they want.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Legal and Medical

Typing documents can be quite a challenge in many professions. While we think that the only people that are responsible for typing a lot of documents are “common workers,” there are plenty of professionals that need to type significant sized documents. This is one of the reasons that programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 are so popular among professions such as lawyers and doctors.

People who do not generally type up a lot of documents can find themselves challenged when faced with this task. However, it still has to be done and if they have to do it all by themselves, they can end up spending hours at a computer for something that would only take their assistant or secretary a few minutes to do.

We all have the impression that doctors and lawyers make enough money to employ a full staff, but the reality of this situation is that those in private practice are being hit just as hard as everyone by the recent economy. Because of this, they are forced with the same labor cuts and trimming of the budget as every other business around. They now find themselves doing tasks that they never thought they would have to do.

Documentation is a large part of both the medical and legal professions. In most cases, doctors and lawyers have staff to handle this, but today that has all changed. However, just because they have to do it does not mean that they are very good at it. As you can imagine, typing was probably the last skill that they thought that they would ever need during their studies.

Using a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 can take the worry out of the nights at the office when it is time to start the paper trail. The program is easy to use and once the training has been completed, a person that has never used a keyboard can find 100 words or more a minute flying across the screen. This enables them to be more efficient and not waste a lot of time doing a task that they are not exactly thrilled about.

The beauty of this specific program is the fact that there are versions that are available specifically for these professions. The medical and legal terms are already programmed in and it will have no problem recognizing or spelling the most technical language. As the program gets trained in that individual’s voice, the typing will be just about perfect.

While no program can take the place of a person, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 comes pretty close. The program touts 99% accuracy and has the ability to be expanded into both the legal and medical fields. If you find that times are tough and cuts have to be made, rest easy knowing that you will not have to spend every night typing away until the wee hours of the morning.

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Transferring From Litigation to In-House and General Counsel – 3 Tips for Corporate Success

So you’ve been an associate and now you’re looking to make the transition to in-house or general counsel?

Whether you’re an associate or partner at an AMLAW 100 or work for yourself (or somewhere in the middle) making the transition can be difficult, but rewarding! In our experience working with hundreds of attorneys making the transition to corporate positions such as in-house counsel and general counsel, there are several key factors that come into play. Unlike working in a law firm, when you work at a business you will be interacting with a diverse range of staff members. And, depending on the structure of the company, you may be wearing many, many hats. Whether it is to escape the grind of day-to-day billing, or just want a change, here are some key pointers to help you: Here are 3 IMPORTANT things to remember.

Be Personable: Unlike working in a law firm, when you work for a company, you will be interacting with a diverse range of staff members. While many of the C-Level and senior executives will be used to interacting with attorneys, many of the employees will not. Many of the people you will be interacting with do not understand life at a law firm, why anyone would work 80 hours per week, and why you feel the need to utter profanities under you breath (kidding). In short, remember that the corporate world is a sandbox, learn to play in it!

Wear Many Hats: While you may have been hired to handle the corporate or employment side, you will undoubtedly be asked to assist with several other issues. Unlike working in a law firm, in a company you need to prove to the powers that be that you are dedicated to the company’s success. In a corporate setting, the best way to accomplish that is to try to help out wherever you can; legal or non-legal assistance. Remember, you went in-house to escape the law firm grind and maybe, you can make the transition out of law and into the executive job of your dreams.

Prepare an Effective Resume: When you apply for a law firm job, the hiring partners generally only care about a few things. Do you have clients? Can you generate clients? How much can you bill? What high-profile cases have you worked on. Although this will work in the law firm setting, it will NOT work for a corporate or in-house position. The resume will seem drab and boring. Companies do not like to hire robots, they want to hire people. Remember when you were a person (Before you went to law school). Companies like people with emotions, humor and a sense of self. Be sure that your resume really highlights your experiences, skills, background. With an effective, streamlined legal resume written by attorney certified resume writers, you will shine!

Matthew S. is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and National Resume Writer Association.

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