Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Legal and Medical

Typing documents can be quite a challenge in many professions. While we think that the only people that are responsible for typing a lot of documents are “common workers,” there are plenty of professionals that need to type significant sized documents. This is one of the reasons that programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 are so popular among professions such as lawyers and doctors.

People who do not generally type up a lot of documents can find themselves challenged when faced with this task. However, it still has to be done and if they have to do it all by themselves, they can end up spending hours at a computer for something that would only take their assistant or secretary a few minutes to do.

We all have the impression that doctors and lawyers make enough money to employ a full staff, but the reality of this situation is that those in private practice are being hit just as hard as everyone by the recent economy. Because of this, they are forced with the same labor cuts and trimming of the budget as every other business around. They now find themselves doing tasks that they never thought they would have to do.

Documentation is a large part of both the medical and legal professions. In most cases, doctors and lawyers have staff to handle this, but today that has all changed. However, just because they have to do it does not mean that they are very good at it. As you can imagine, typing was probably the last skill that they thought that they would ever need during their studies.

Using a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 can take the worry out of the nights at the office when it is time to start the paper trail. The program is easy to use and once the training has been completed, a person that has never used a keyboard can find 100 words or more a minute flying across the screen. This enables them to be more efficient and not waste a lot of time doing a task that they are not exactly thrilled about.

The beauty of this specific program is the fact that there are versions that are available specifically for these professions. The medical and legal terms are already programmed in and it will have no problem recognizing or spelling the most technical language. As the program gets trained in that individual’s voice, the typing will be just about perfect.

While no program can take the place of a person, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 comes pretty close. The program touts 99% accuracy and has the ability to be expanded into both the legal and medical fields. If you find that times are tough and cuts have to be made, rest easy knowing that you will not have to spend every night typing away until the wee hours of the morning.

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